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About Nautilus Fitness

We opened our doors in October 2001 and have been consistently delivering safe

and effective workouts since then.


John and Kim McConachy conceived of the ideal of a solely strength training facility based

on their knowledge and experience after many years in the fitness industry.  


The traditional "cardio" activities (walking, running, swimming, cycling etc) can be done

practically anywhere without the necessity of specialised equipment, however,

safe and effective strength training for most people can not.  


A clear need existed to establish a professional facility where people could build serious strength,

without any other distractions, completely results focused.  



Our fitness centre has continued to grow from 15 pieces in 2001 to almost 50 today

and we currently have some of the rarest pieces ever made.  


So rare, in fact, that we have received many enquiries from overseas

as to whether or not they might be for sale.


Nautilus has manufactured strength training equipment since 1971 and has made well

over 120 pieces, some of them particularly rare and invariably highly effective,

however some were simply never manufactured in economically viable quantities,

so they remained costly to manufacture.


Machines designed to strengthen the neck, forearms, lower abdominals,

the rotator cuff muscles or the anterior deltoid muscle are absolutely fantastic machines,

however most fitness centres could really only really afford those machines

that strengthened the major muscle groups which can comprise around 14-16 exercises. 


We continue to source rare and tightly held Nautilus pieces as we endeavour to make

our fitness centre one of the most diverse to be found anywhere in Australia.


For over 20 years we have provided our clients with the ideal workout!




Some of our most unique machines are shown below.

Duo Squat


Muscles worked: Quads, Glutes and hamstrings.

Advanced leg workout.

Rotary Shoulder 


Muscles worked:Rotator cuff.

Rehabilitative shoulder exercise


Super Forearm


Muscles worked: Forearm flexors. extensors and rotators.


Rowing Back 


Muscles worked: Anterior deltoid

Excellent postural exercise

Neck and Shoulder


Muscles worked: Primarily Trapezius and neck.

Excellent postural exercise.



Muscles worked: Lower and upper abdominals

Core strengthening exercise

Professional, Passionate, Immaculate, Effective, Safe, Rewarding.

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