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Challenges and Adventures


If you are someone who loves a physical challenge or an exciting adventure, increasing your strength can make this not only possible, but better still, safer and more enjoyable.  Just 2 strength training sessions per week, for 8 weeks before you leave, can  make a huge difference to your strength levels.  Your level of cardiovascular fitness and recovery rate will also improve dramatically.

So if you have always dreamed of an active holiday or physical challenge, but have concerns about your level of fitness, a supervised and tailored strength training program can make it possible, for people of all ages.

Cycling Adventures or Tours

Whether you enjoy a Sunday bike ride, want to ride your bike to work, or even if you are planning a serious cycling tour, stronger leg muscles, as well as stronger core and arm muscles, can really improve your stamina and prepare you for any type of bike riding you choose.

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Skiing and Snow Boarding.


Strength training is important for helping to prevent injury and sore muscles during your adventures on the snowfields.  Beginning your training program well ahead of your skiing adventure will not only make it easier to manage the long days on the skis and snowboards, it will also help to prevent injury and soreness that often occurs after a long break from the ski slopes.  Our strength training programs are designed to target all the major muscle groups involved in skiing and snow boarding, as well as improving your fitness for cross country skiing.

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Water Sports and Other Outdoor Activities

With pretty much all outdoor activities, either on the water or on the land, there are many important reasons to gain strength and flexibility.   Many sports require a balanced level of fitness and strength for both the upper and lower body, as well as important core strength.  Most valuable strength and flexibility gains can only be achieved by an exercise program where you can increase either the intensity or  resistance of the exercise.  For cardio fitness, this is easily done by increasing the time or type of running, cycling, or walking that you are doing.  However, for real strength and flexibility gains, the use of specialised equipment is necessary.  The equipment at Nautilus Fitness is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.  We can tailor your workout to include any additional exercises that will greatly improve your chosen sport or recreational activity.

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