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Osteoporosis - strong muscles require strong bones.

Osteoporosis means "porous bones".  It is a disease that causes a reduction in the density and quality of the bones.  This can then increase the risk of fracture, with little or no symptoms until the first fracture occurs.  When someone has osteoporosis, even a slight bump or fall can lead to a fracture.

Weight training can help to protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis related fractures.  Over a period of time, it can help prevent bone loss, and may even help to build new bone.  Maintaining strong muscles through resistance training also helps to keep up your balance and coordination, a critical element in preventing falls in the first place.

At Nautilus Fitness, your first workout here could be the first time you have ever stepped into a gym, or even the first time you have ever done any type of weight training.  But with the help and assurance of our wonderful and understanding female trainers, you will be feeling comfortable and confident in no time.  You are supervised for every repetition, of every exercise, for every training session you undertake here.

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