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Why should women of all ages increase their strength?

Strength is a major component of all physical activities, because muscles, by contracting and

relaxing, move our bodies. 

The stronger your muscles are, the more efficiently you move, and it doesn't matter if you are a teenager,

an expectant mother, a housewife or a grandma. 

As women get older, their muscles and bone strength diminish at an alarming rate.  This starts at the age of 30,

and the rate increases at the time of menopause and beyond..

The good news is that women can regain their muscle.








So what is stopping women from regular resistance training programs?

Most women are concerned that strength training will make them less feminine and that

their muscles will bulk up.

The truth is that women can and will gain strength without gaining large muscles.   

Although it is possible for a woman to achieve significant improvements in muscular strength and tone,

it is very rare for a woman to become overly muscular from strength training. 

Most women do NOT have the genetics to develop very large muscles.

It's practically impossible for a woman to develop large muscles, unless they are inherited,

or they have an abnormally high amount of testosterone in their system (and this is extremely rare).   

Proper resistance training will strengthen their muscles, and the fat and skin that surround these muscles

will become tighter and firmer, and more attractive.

Are they worried about going into a mainstream gym?

At most regular gyms, it can be daunting for women to do strength training surrounded by experienced members,

especially if you are a beginner and have never stepped foot inside a fitness centre in the past. 

There are lots of things to worry about, such as understanding how the equipment works,

who is watching, what clothing to wear, what is the proper technique, etc.. 

But Nautilus Fitness is not your regular gym.

Nautilus Fitness makes strength training possible for all women.

Our gym is private and is only available to clients who are being trained by one of our trainers,

with a limited number of people in the gym at any given time. 

In fact, at times in the afternoon, a client and their trainer may even have the gym completely to themselves.   

A trainer is with you for every repetition of every exercise to ensure correct technique and for guidance.

We have female trainers of middle age, who know and understand life from a women's perspective,

and can guide you through your training to help you achieve your strength goals.

There is no need to dress in the most trendy training gear, just comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear is all you need.

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