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We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our expertise.

 When some of our clients were asked about their experience at Nautilus Fitness, this is what they had to say:


"It is an excellent gym, clean and professionally run with the best equipment."


Managing Director, Kempe International

"I am particularly impressed with the sophisticated equipment, my strength gain and fat loss has been remarkable"


Former Managing Director, Fagg's Mitre 10

"If you are seeking skilled advice and professional management of your fitness program, Nautilus Fitness will assist you to get the very best results, in a maximum of 2 sessions per week."


Former Owner Geelong City Motors (Mercedes Benz)

"Since I commenced training at Nautilus Fitness I've shed fat and toned muscle and all that in 2 sessions per week means that even the busiest of us can find time"



Oncologist, St John of God Hospital

"When I began training at Nautilus I had a debilitating knee problem, which I had been told would require surgery and considerable back pain.  My knee no longer requires surgery and I am practically free of knee and back pain.  My overall body shape has improved remarkably."


Orthodontist, DentalSpa.

"I spend many hours at the computer and the small of my back has caused me considerable trouble. After just 2 weeks of training at Nautilus Fitness my back was outstandingly better and considerably stronger."


Former Managing Director (Retired,) Peck and Stokes BMW

"Having spent the last 10 years as a 'gym junkie' I was surprised and pleased to see such improvements in strength and tone could be achieved so quickly in two 1/2 hour workouts eack week.  I enjoy my Nautilus workouts and the results they bring."


I.C.U nurse

"Nautilus Fitness is in a class of its own.  The dedication and professionalism of the Nautilus trainers is such that the immediate and dramatic improvement in fitness and well-being that results, is in itself an ongoing incentive."


CEO Verve Energy W.A.

"At 71 years of age I suffered such severe arthritis it was a real battle to get out of bed.  I have found that working out at Nautilus Fitness has been very complimentary to my arthritis treatment.  Even now at 80 years of age, where previously I could not make it across a pedestrian crossing before the green light turned red, I can now comfortably power across the road and run when the occasion calls for it."



Farmer and Grazier, 'Ingleby South," Winchelsea.

Professional, Passionate, Immaculate, Effective, Safe, Rewarding.

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