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The following collection of articles is designed to do the following:


1.     Provide a background to our unique method(s) of Resistance Training


2.     Motivate and drive our clients to get the absolute most out of their training.


3.     Keep our clients focussed and up to date with respect to the latest thoughts on Resistance Training

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"The Truth about Getting Fit."

Our New Years resolutions were not that long ago and I can't help but wonder how many people have broken their January 1st undertakings...continue reading


I have an interesting relationship with my dentist, whom I have only known for about 2 years...continue reading

"Seniors: Fat Gain and Muscle Tissue loss"

As we joint the senior’s ranks there is a slow and continuous loss of muscle mass. Research conducted at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts...continue reading

"The Requirements of Good Equipment"

It is not something that is usually given serious consideration by most potential fitness centre members, but it should be...continue reading

"Diabetes and Resistance Training"

Resistance training has a number of well known benefits which range from improving your body’s shape, reducing fat, increasing strength...continue reading

"Nautilus History"

Nautilus has been the leader in equipment design and manufacture for over 40 years, this document provides some background to that success...continue reading

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