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Effective Resistance Training

Nautilus Fitness is a unique resistance training facility, featuring one of the

most diverse collections of Nautilus equipment anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.  

We have over 50 different exercises and a host of different training methodologies to ensure our clients 

get the absolute most out of their training.


Each session is specifically designed to suit each individual.  Our clients range in age from as young as 9 years old up to 83 years of age.

Safety is therefore of paramount importance.


Since 2001 we have been assisting clients attain a considerably higher level of strength, health and fitness.


Some of our clients have gone on to represent Australia at the Olympics in rowing

(Rio 2016) and also play AFL football.

What is involved in your training?


A typical resistance training session lasts between 25-30 minutes.


Our clients normally do 2 sessions per week.

We have a number of clients who do 1 session per week.  

It is something we discuss with each client on an individual basis in order to determine which program is most appropriate.


Our clients complete around 12-14 individual exercises and generally aim to perform between 8-12 repetitions on each one.  

We assess each client individually, so there are exceptions, however that is generally an excellent point from which to start. 

Nautilus Fitness (at the Geelong Lawn Tennis Club)
12-20 Sommers Street, Belmont   3216

0437 176 788

Professional, Passionate, Immaculate, Effective, Safe, Rewarding.

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