Phone/Skype Personal Training and Consultations

Our clients achieve the very best results when they train under our direct personal supervision in our private fitness centre.


However for many people who do not live in the Geelong region, such that they find it difficult to come in and train with us, we do conduct phone/Skype consultations.  Whether or not you are a beginner, who simply does not know where to start, our coaching plan can get you started on the right track to achieve the results you want and simultaneously save you from the pitflls of injuries and wasted time.


If you are more advanced with your training then we can provide an objective external assessment of your exercise performance and optimise it to assist in achieving your goals.


So if your goal is to become stronger, to lose body fat and generally change your overall physique then you might need a trainer to hold you to account. 



Furthermore, if you are a personal trainer, gym owner or fitness educator I also offer workshops on teaching HIT (High Intensity Training) principles, exercise performance and program design. These workshops can be conducted at our fitness centre here in Geelong or they can be conducted onsite at your premises.


"John, you proved to be a most capable and knowledgable speaker on a subject of which you are so passionate.  Your clear presentation showed that the members were not a passive audience, but actively involved.  You adapted the subject matter to the interests of the members, thus engaging them throughout your 40 minute presentation.

I can thoroughly recommend you to any group who wish to know a way to improve their well being and lifestyle"


David Singleton

Treasurer and Past President

Probus Club, Bellarine

October 2014






Professional, Passionate, Immaculate, Effective, Safe, Rewarding.